Festival of Fantasy Parade ©R. Christensen

You may not know all about the Festival of Fantasy Parade, but you will definitely want to see it if you visit the Magic Kingdom. The parade is held in honor of the New Fantasyland. Festival of Fantasy took the place of the Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade in 2014. Here are some other facts you may not know.

Parade Floats

Each float in the parade represents a Disney movie. The floats are based on Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, Tangled, The Little Mermaid and Brave.

Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty float is 26 feet tall and 53 feet long. In the middle of the float is a spinning wheel. The float features Prince Philip posing as Maleficent is locked in a battle with a dragon inspired by steampunk. Due to including an articulating chassis, the dragon is able to flex, float and bend, making it look incredibly lifelike. This is something that Disney has never before attempted on one of their floats.

Festival of Fantasy Parade ©R. Christensen

Peter Pan

The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship is prominent on the Peter Pan float. Front and center in the middle of the float, Captain Hook swings on an anchor, much to the delight of those in attendance at the parade. Special effects are used to make the ship seem real to parade goers. The float also features Skull Rock, with a rainbow directly above it. Amidst the giant flowers parade goers will see Tinker Bell. Rounding out the Peter Pan float is the Lost Boys performing a high energy dance.


Rapunzel and Flynn Rider are featured on the Tangled float. Stretching 36-feet in length, it features thugs riding upon pendulums swaying in the breeze. The highlight of the float is that Rapunzel’s hair runs the entire length of it.

Festival of Fantasy Parade ©R. Christensen

The Little Mermaid

A seashell music box is front and center on The Little Mermaid float. It features Ariel and all of her friends. The entire float is encompassed in bubbles, with the fish enthusiastically dancing as they swim. Each fish is decked out in their own intricate costumes featuring shiny fabrics.


A bagpipe shaped vessel is the main attraction of the Brave float. Merida is seen sitting on her crown, held high in the air. Scottish dancers and Celtic couples fill the float and dance to the music

Festival of Fantasy Parade ©R. Christensen

Parade Finale

The Festival of Fantasy Parade ends with a 90-foot caravan occupied by many of Disney’s most beloved characters. Parade goers are treated to appearances by Pluto, Pinocchio, the Mad Hatter, Dumbo and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Bubble Girls, Pegasus horses and dancing hippos join these characters on the float. Of course, the highlight of the finale is the appearance of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, sitting in his Airship high in the sky.

Viewing Tips

This parade is so popular that visitors to the park are urged to get a FastPass+ for the special viewing areas. This will get you into a great viewing area in Town Square near the front of the park. Another good vantage point is along the route in Frontierland; plus the parade steps off near Splash Mountain so you won’t have to wait long. Keep in mind the parade begins at 3:00pm, so try to find a bit of shade or bring a mist fan and a good hat to help keep you cool in the midday Florida sun.

Facts About Disney World’s Festival of Fantasy Parade