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Disney Animal Kingdom AVATARland

AVATAR Officially announced in Fall of 2011, and AVATAR themed land will be added to Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. In a partnership with James Cameron, this new land will be designed to blend into what is already a unique park rather than stick out as a separate attraction. According to Disney, AVATARland will feature “multiple attractions, entertainment, merchandise locations, restaurants and other immersive elements” all within a Pandora-themed area. I expect it will be as lush as the Asia section of Animal Kingdom in terms of flora and, in essence, finally give life to the Beastly Kingdom concept that never materialized. James Cameron takes the same approach to his research, creativity, technology, and storytelling as the best Imagineers and is a perfect match for Joe Rohde and the team who have already already made Animal Kingdom such a wondrous place to explore. The first renderings and details emerged in October 2013 and construction has already begun in the park with the relocation of Festival of the Lion King theater to the Africa area and Camp Minnie-Mickey removed to make way for what will be the largest expansion yet in Disney World. In addition, it was announced Animal Kingdom will be adding a light and water show to the Discovery River areas along with a nighttime Kilimanjaro Safari experience during later hours. Current projections show AVATARland completion in 2017-2018. Below is a list of official facts and some speculation which I will keep updated as more information becomes available.  

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AVATARland: What We Know

  • Will feature multiple attractions, entertainment, merchandise locations, restaurants and other immersive elements
  • Projected completion in 2017-2018
  • Guests will encounter awe-inspiring floating mountains and wander through a nighttime jungle of bioluminescent plants that are alive with light and sound
  • Guests will discover what it feels like to soar into the sky riding a Banshee


AVATARland: Possibilities and Unknowns

  • Tom Staggs has mentioned the possibility of AVATAR additions in other Disney parks worldwide
  • Possibility of a dark ride; boat trip through nighttime Pandora

And in case you haven’t seen AVATAR or need a refresher you can find it here: