Disney Savings Account ©Disney

After only four years, the Disney Vacation Account savings program is ending on September 27, 2017. Disney is known for making plenty of efforts to retain resort guests through the DVC program, booking discounts offered during vacation stays, and credit card points. The savings plan never seemed to get as much air time and not as many casual fans or first time guests knew about the program. Low interest rates over the past several years are also likely to have had a negative impact on fervent fans wanted to tie up their money in the accounts. The good news is that current Disney Vacation Account holders can earn some extra benefits from this closure. There are four ways to close your account and the benefits vary by the method which you choose.

Option 1 – (Best value) Purchase Disney Gift Cards with the entire amount of money you have in the Vacation Account by September 27, 2017 and Disney will add an extra 5% bonus to the amount. This gives you the largest bonus and will be a likely choice for many since the point of the account is to use that money towards Disney vacations.

Option 2 – Disney has a special Stay and Play offer, but it is only for a couple All-Star resorts and a 2 day ticket. Call (407) 934-7639 for more information and find out if any other discounts may be available for Vacations Account holders.

Option 3 – Wait until he program expires on September 27, 2017 and Disney will automatically cash out your account and send a check. A bonus of 2% will be sent on a Disney Gift Card. Options 1 will earn you a higher bonus if you choose to have everything placed on Disney Gift Cards, while this option lets you take the refund in cash plus a smaller bonus.

Option 4 – Ask for a full refund in cash before September 27, 2017 and Disney will send you a check for the full amount. You will not receive any bonus with this method. If you do wish to have your refund in cash, it is better to wait until September and earn the 2% Gift Card bonus.


For more information on settling your Disney Vacation Account, visit the official website here.