Disney World Ticket Price Increases

Disney World Ticket Price Increases

Disney World surprised everyone this weekend with increased ticket prices. It’s early in the year for price changes and there was already an increase this past June. There has been an across the board $4 increase over last year and they are sticking with the premium charge of $5 for single day Magic Kingdom passes. For the most common tickets, 4 to 7 day stays, the amount will average about $2 per day. The Park Hopper and Water Parks options also increased by $1 to $60 with the combination increasing by $2. Annual passes increased by $25 to $634. I don’t have AP renewal or DVC AP prices yet.  Single day water park passes have not changed and I have not seen any activity fees listing an increase yet. Update: Disney released a price sheet and the No Expiration Option is still listed. It ranges from $40 on a 2 day ticket to $340 on a 10 day ticket. I’m surprised these haven’t gone away yet since buying an Annual Pass is a better deal at that point. Locker, stroller, and ECV pricing has not changed.

So what’s the take home from this? It’s not a huge increase, but at the same time Disney is not doing itself any public relations favors by having annual, and in this case sooner, price increases. We can only hope the extra money is being put back into the many projects around the parks and not just into the bottom line of their already highly profitable operations. Excellent service and appearance at the Disney Parks is one of the highlights that keeps guests coming back year after year.




Disney World ticket prices as of 2/23/2014 (Add 6.5% sales tax to prices)

2014 Disney World Ticket Prices

Child 3-9
over 2013
1$99MK / $94$93MK / $88$4
Park Hopper
Per Ticket$60$60$1
Water Parks & More
Par Ticket$60$60$1
PH & WP Combo
Per Ticket$86$86$2
Annual Pass
Water Park Only